Transborder Media Member Speaks at Women in Visual Journalism Conference / by Bianca Fortis

 Photo by Briana Scroggins.

Photo by Briana Scroggins.

Transborder Media’s Elaine Cromie recently spoke at the National Press Photographers Association's Women in Visual Journalism Conference, which took place in Denver last week.

This year’s gathering was a two-day event with the theme “The Good Fight,” and emphasized finding a mentor and being a mentor.

The conference was organized by Anne Herbst, a journalist at KUSA-TV in Denver. 

Cromie was asked to speak about her collaborative work in Mexico and her passion for covering social issues. She spoke about what motivates her and gave part of that credit to both of her grandmothers who moved to the United States when they were young women and taught themselves English.

She quoted Sandra Cisneros, one of her favorite Chicana authors: “We do this because the world we live in is a house on fire, and the people we love are burning.”

The conference brought together many influential and talented women in the journalism world, from still photographers to broadcast journalists to social media specialists. Topics discussed included working abroad, finding a voice and characters, investigative journalism, freelance and project work and being a woman in journalism.