Welcome to transborder media / by Bianca Fortis


We first launched Transborder Media in 2013 as a parent company under which we could work on our documentary film about deported veterans, Soldiers Without a Nation. We're excited to announce that we are taking steps to grow Transborder into a viable media company. Our goal, and our mission statement, is to be a transmedia storytelling collective focused on empowering communities and effecting positive change.

In just over a week the three of us will reunite in Tijuana, Baja California to continue to work on our film, as well as several other projects, in order to accomplish this. It is a privilege to be able to pursue our passions and we can't wait to share our work with you.

Finally, thank you sincerely to our family, friends, mentors and colleagues who have continued to support us on our journeys. We could not have done this alone. Please check back here for more updates, and please consider following our social media accounts for daily dispatches from the field.

Gracias a todo,
Elaine, Griselda & Bianca