Transborder Media presents at the first photo festival of its kind in Tijuana / by Bianca Fortis

By Bianca Fortis

 Photo by Alex Murillo

Photo by Alex Murillo

Last night we had the privilege of speaking at the 2015 Festival Internacional de Fotografia Tijuana, a month-long event that brings together photographers, artists and academics.

We talked about Soldiers Without a Nation, Griselda’s documentation of the Garifuna community in New York City, Elaine’s work in Detroit and a project we began in September, where we are following a group of local high school girls who play flag football. We appreciated the feedback and interesting questions we received.

We are humbled and grateful to FiFT for allowing us to share our work with the local community in Tijuana, the place we currently live and work and have come to love.

To learn more about FiFT, please visit their website here.