Griselda San Martin Recognized by Latin American Fotografía 5 by Bianca Fortis

 "The Wall," by Griselda San Martin, was selected as a winning project in the Latin American Fotografía 5 contest. 

"The Wall," by Griselda San Martin, was selected as a winning project in the Latin American Fotografía 5 contest. 

Transborder Media’s Griselda San Martin was selected as one of the winning photographers for Latin American Fotografía 5. 

Fotografía 5 represents the best images of the year from and for Latin America.

“The Wall,” is a photography project that documents families separated by immigration status who meet on both sides of the border fence at Friendship Park, the only federally established binational meeting place along the 2,000-mile border dividing the United States and Mexico."

San Martin has worked along the northern border of Mexico, specifically in Tijuana and the northern Baja region for over three years. Her work has focused on identity, displaced people and migration. 

You can see her work displayed along with the others who were selected here.

San Martin's work has also recently been recognized in the Moscow International Foto Awards, the 9th International Color Awards, and the 10th Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris

Transborder Media Member Speaks at Women in Visual Journalism Conference by Bianca Fortis

 Photo by Briana Scroggins.

Photo by Briana Scroggins.

Transborder Media’s Elaine Cromie recently spoke at the National Press Photographers Association's Women in Visual Journalism Conference, which took place in Denver last week.

This year’s gathering was a two-day event with the theme “The Good Fight,” and emphasized finding a mentor and being a mentor.

The conference was organized by Anne Herbst, a journalist at KUSA-TV in Denver. 

Cromie was asked to speak about her collaborative work in Mexico and her passion for covering social issues. She spoke about what motivates her and gave part of that credit to both of her grandmothers who moved to the United States when they were young women and taught themselves English.

She quoted Sandra Cisneros, one of her favorite Chicana authors: “We do this because the world we live in is a house on fire, and the people we love are burning.”

The conference brought together many influential and talented women in the journalism world, from still photographers to broadcast journalists to social media specialists. Topics discussed included working abroad, finding a voice and characters, investigative journalism, freelance and project work and being a woman in journalism.

Maximizing Engagement and Impact through Multi-Platform Projects by Bianca Fortis

Written by Elaine Cromie and Bianca Fortis

 Dr. Kevin Moloney opens the door to his 1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, outside Cafe Buchi in North Denver. Moloney will speak this week on a panel about transmedia journalism. (Elaine Cromie)

Dr. Kevin Moloney opens the door to his 1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, outside Cafe Buchi in North Denver. Moloney will speak this week on a panel about transmedia journalism. (Elaine Cromie)

With the goals of inspiring journalists to tell better stories and to engage with new audiences, this year the joint NABJ and NAHJ convention will feature a panel about transmedia journalism, titled "Maximizing Engagement and Impact through Multi-Platform Projects."

Members of Transborder Media helped coordinate it.

The panel, moderated by Oregon Public Broadcasting's Vice President of Programming Lynne Clendenin, will feature David Stuckey, a producer at OPB, Dr. Kevin Moloney, a photojournalist and professor at the University of Colorado, and Maryanne Culpepper, the Executive Director of the D.C. Environmental Film Festival and the former president of National Geographic.

Moloney, who completed his dissertation in transmedia journalism, has inspired many journalists, including those behind Transborder Media.  

Panelists will discuss what makes a transmedia story, the reasons for using it, including the ability to reach new audiences, and what tools are best used for this this type of progressive storytelling.

They'll also present some of the best examples of transmedia journalism, including OPB's Jazz Town, a project about Portland's Jazz Age, and National Geographic's The Serengeti Lion.

Finally, the panelists will discuss how to pitch these types of stories to an organization or agency.

The convention takes place this week, Aug. 3 through 7 in Washington, D.C. The panel is scheduled for Wednesday at 9 a.m. Learn more about the convention here.

Transborder Media presents at the first photo festival of its kind in Tijuana by Bianca Fortis

By Bianca Fortis

 Photo by Alex Murillo

Photo by Alex Murillo

Last night we had the privilege of speaking at the 2015 Festival Internacional de Fotografia Tijuana, a month-long event that brings together photographers, artists and academics.

We talked about Soldiers Without a Nation, Griselda’s documentation of the Garifuna community in New York City, Elaine’s work in Detroit and a project we began in September, where we are following a group of local high school girls who play flag football. We appreciated the feedback and interesting questions we received.

We are humbled and grateful to FiFT for allowing us to share our work with the local community in Tijuana, the place we currently live and work and have come to love.

To learn more about FiFT, please visit their website here.

Griselda San Martin receives honorable mention in photography showcase by Bianca Fortis

We are proud to announce that Transborder Media member Griselda San Martin received an honorable mention in the International Photography Awards for her series Garifuna, an ongoing project in which she documents the Garifuna community in New York City. Through her work she explores identity and community and the way Garifuna traditions are preserved and passed down to new generations.

For more of her work and to learn more about the Garifuna community, please see the project page on our website. 

Welcome to transborder media by Bianca Fortis


We first launched Transborder Media in 2013 as a parent company under which we could work on our documentary film about deported veterans, Soldiers Without a Nation. We're excited to announce that we are taking steps to grow Transborder into a viable media company. Our goal, and our mission statement, is to be a transmedia storytelling collective focused on empowering communities and effecting positive change.

In just over a week the three of us will reunite in Tijuana, Baja California to continue to work on our film, as well as several other projects, in order to accomplish this. It is a privilege to be able to pursue our passions and we can't wait to share our work with you.

Finally, thank you sincerely to our family, friends, mentors and colleagues who have continued to support us on our journeys. We could not have done this alone. Please check back here for more updates, and please consider following our social media accounts for daily dispatches from the field.

Gracias a todo,
Elaine, Griselda & Bianca